And this is how we will establish value to not just your product, but also your brand image

Delivery speed is up to 200% faster and emergency requests are always prioritized

With many years of experience in the packaging industry, we understand that each and every manufacturing step is closely related. .
Just like a well-oiled machine! One miss step and the whole process suspends.
Material and time loss, even profound impact on your credibility is unavoidable.
Hoang Nam promises to deliver fast and on time, with 24/7 emergency support.
Your trust is our most valuable asset. Your success is our triumph.

Hoang Nam promises to deliver fast and on time, with 24/7 emergency support.

Your trust is our most valuable asset. Your success is our triumph.

Sensational design & completely free of charge

Did you know that 80% of consumer choose products based on their emotion?
Good quality is an important aspect to compete with other merchandise on the market.
However, outstanding design is the real  “weapon” that brings your product closer to the consumer.

» With the AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action) approach, we have 173 ways to make your product becomes the customers’ final choice.

Long term preservation of your design and printing roller

Design and printing roller production cost usually account for 30 – 50% total value of a packaging order.
Hence, how much would it cost you if the printing roller isn’t well-preserved; the chrome plate heavily damaged?
How much would it cost you if the design is lost, non-reusable?

» At Hoang Nam, your design will be permanently stored and the printing roller preserved for up to 24 months.

Rest assured and place your trust in our state-of-the-art storage process!

Contact us today to verify the quality commitments of Hoang Nam’s packaging.

Success is just a phone call away! Hotline: 091-858-0639

Commitment to quality

Hoang Nam’s packaging are produced under many strict quality requirements, so that your product is always the consumer’s first choice.

No tearing or rupture

Color diversity and durability

Final packaging is 100% accordingly to the approved design

5 reasons you should contact Hoang Nam today

Provide quick and timely emergency support.

Hotline 24/7 : 091 858 0639

Deliver modern design consultation that greatly enhance your product and brand’s value

Preserve your design permanently and printing roller for up to 24 months

Utilize up-to-date anti-counterfeit technologies, each of our packaging is unique in the market

Use only toxic-free and virgin plastic resins to be able to comply with food safety regulations


Bringing your product one step closer to the consumers

Rice packaging

Fertilizer packaging

Rice seedlings packaging

Seafood packaging

Shrimp feed packaging

Animal feed packaging

Building materials packaging

Composite film packaging

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to provide you with high quality packaging,
contact us today !

Hotline: 091-858-0639

What do our customers say?

Mr. Phan Van Cuong

Trieu Nguyen Fertilizer Manufacturing Company
General Director 

We highly appreciate how Hoang Nam always put their customer’s interest first and foremost. Their factory’s manufacturing capacity is a force to be reckon with. There are times we placed many large orders for different designs at once, without fail they were all delivered to our factory’s door step.
Working with Hoang Nam Packaging always put me at ease.

Mr. Tran Chinh Quoc

Tan Hong Phuc Company
General Director

It has been 8 years since we started our partnership with Hoang Nam Packaging. In the past, we had to work with 3 different packaging manufacturers. Time after time, we were faced with many problems, from late delivery to having the packages ruptured as the shipments were loaded on to our ships… Needless to say, they caused us severe time and money loss; Not to mention, unrepairable damage to our credibility with the customer.
This partnership with Hoang Nam has brought the ultimate solution to our problems.

Mr. Phan Van Khanh

Sales Director

We are very pleased with the designs received from Hoang Nam. Their professional creative team works fast and efficient, always provides us with great design. Our products have since became more attractive, playing a big part in increasing our revenue!
Furthermore, Hoang Nam’s delivery speed is astonishing. We have relied on them many times whenever an urgent order came up. We’re very relieved having Hoang Nam as our partner.

Over 500 customers are actively working with us.
Stop hesitating !


Contact us now to receive professional and free packaging design consultation within 24 hours.

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